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Luís Figo delivers wheelchair. Luís Figo Foundation and Associação Salvador together in solidarity action in Matosinhos.

Matosinhos -February 12th. It was by the hand of Luis Figo and in the presence of Salvador Mendes de Almeida , Pedro Smith , 13 , received a wheelchair that will help have a healthy posture , in order to make easier the day to - day life.
Well positioned and seated , Pedro , who suffers from severe cognitive and motor disabilities can now play and relate better with the world around him.

With a welcome from Dr. Pedro Sousa , the President of the Parish of Matosinhos , a solidarity action marked the partnership between Luis Figo Foundation and the Saviour Association, therefore, to Luís Figo, " is joint work between associations and foundations that we can help more cases giving each his best.".

Delivering the chair, Luís Figo said , " This chair is one of many supports achieved by Luís Figo Foundation , inserted in the project " Para Uma Vida Melhor ", which aims to contribute to improving the living conditions of children and young people because of illness or other limitations , have their life hampered. This chair , for many people , it may seem like a simple chair, but it will certainly change the lives of Pedro and his family . "

In solidarity union, Luís Figo Foundation funded the 100 % of this chair acquisition, crossing his mission with the Salvador Association, through the platform " Preencha esta vida " , an online platform , with the goal of raising funds from the civil and business society, in order to finance company cases not supported directly by the initial budget of the Association , but which were validated by the jury of " Ação Qualidade de Vida " initiative , an annual application process for the allocation of direct and timely support to people with physical disabilities and proven lack of financial resources .

To Salvador Mendes de Almeida , President of the Savior Association , " It is very important collaboration between the various IPSS and public agencies , so that with the synergies we can improve the quality of life . The Association has many applications , can not get to all cases , but through this solidarity partnership was possible to respond to Pedro's case . We thank Luís Figo Foundation for this achievement "

In addition to support , this project " Para Uma Vida Melhor " , the Luís Figo Foundation , already offer since 2010 , an articulated electric bed to a boy who suffers from spina bifida paralysis, build a house and equip it , allowing dignify the lives of 4 " proteges " of Luis Figo Foundation in Mozambique , purchase a wheelchair to a young man who became paraplegic due to a car accident , provide equipment and hearing assist listening systems in schools for young people with hearing loss and join Oculista Central da Graça together to make available 50 pairs of eyewear for children and young people with severe vision problems.

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