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Luís Figo Foundation took 400 children to Rock in Rio Lisboa on World Children's Day

The Luis Figo Foundation and the biggest event of music and entertainment in the world, celebrated the Children's Day, receiving 400 children of various social solidarity institutions (IPSS) who came from around the country, in the City of Rock. The children joined Luis Figo Foundation and its volunteers, and, along with Luis Figo and Roberta Medina, formed a human chain that received the first visitors of the day, at the sound of the Rock in Rio hymn.
The hundreds of children and young people, who had the opportunity to spend “their day" in such a very special way at Rock in Rio, came from social solidarity institutions, such as the Portuguese Red Cross, Santa Casa da Misericórdia, “O Século” Foundation, CrescerSer, the Social Movement “Movimento ao Serviço da Vida”, Casa dos Rapazes, among others, with the presence of the responsibles of each institution.
In addition, they have been delivered by the volunteers of Luis Figo Foundation a snack, water and fruit, offered by supermarkets “Continente”. Then, the children were able to enjoy the City of Rock, with all that there is to be lived, like walk in the Rock Street and Street Dance, novelties of this edition, and attend to the concerts of Lenny Kravitz, Maroon 5, Ivete Sangalo, Expensive Soul, Boss AC.
Luís Figo commented "It´s very rewarding for my Foundation to be here today with all these children and young people, who live in such difficult conditions, and to witness this special day that they are living, a day that certainly they will never forget.”
The work of Luis Figo Foundation to celebrate Children's Day did not end here.
Sara Souto, Manager Director of Luis Figo Foundation, added: "We celebrated annually the Children's Day, always promoting a special day to several disadvantaged children and distributing gifts nationally. We finished this week the distribution of more than 2500 gifts to children that are in institutions and hospitals from all over the country.”

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