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The Luís Figo Foundation Supports Summer Camp IN BIPP

The Luís Figo Foundation supports children with special needs, either carrying handicaps of any kind or socio-economically in need, who, during the months of July and August, will attend, for a period of two weeks each, at zero cost, the IN BIPP 2010 Summer Camp. Chaperoning these Summer camp activities, at the EB1 School in Estoril, was Sara Souto, today, on the 27 of July.

Its intention is to provide qualified answers and to develop the cognitive and social skills for children and young people through recreational activities and professional athletes that will take place at the beach, but that's not all. The support given by the Luís Figo Foundation to the IN BIPP Vacation Space 2010 consists of assuring the support to these families in need, either handicapped or not, from ages 6 through 15, during Summer Break, thus promoting a safe space for the well-being of these children and their own particular needs.

"This support is one of the many projects the LFF develops to provide educational and learning moments for children in need and with disabilities that would, in any other way, not allow them to enjoy" said Sara Souto. "Summer break should be a joyous and happy time for children, and this project can provide those moments, as well as training and personal development for those who need it the most", she added.

Joana Santiago, President of BIPP, said that "Because of the numerous requests from families that search for the BIPP, we felt the urgent need to create an answer for the inclusion of children with special needs. We still live in a society filled with barriers that prevent these special children to be included in all extra-curricular activities, thus stunting their development and making it harder for families in which parents have to work and have no place that can take care of their children for long periods of time throughout the year." She added that "through the support of the LFF, it was possible for the BIPP to included 50 children in need, and thus provide an answer for their integration and active participation."

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