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Children in need receive prescription glasses from the hands of Luís Figo.

Luís Figo Foundation and Oculista Central da Graça, who celebrated its 50th birthday, presented children in need with poor eyesight with 50 pairs of prescription glasses.

This offer is another initiative from the “For a Better Life” project, which is part of the Hope axis, which, along with the Health, Education and Sport axes forms the performance areas of the Foundation, contribute to the improvement of living conditions of several children and young people who, because of illness or other limitations, have their lives conditioned.

“Given how our mission is to provide a better life for children and young people in need, we are here today, along with Oculista Central da Graça, to help these kids with severe vision problems, and to offer them the prescription glasses they so sorely needed and couldn’t afford”, said Luís Figo.

Manuel Gomes Penedo, Oculista Central da Graça’s manager, along with his assistant Rosa Rocha, felt they should celebrate 50 years of being in the business by helping people in need. “The reason why some students are unsuccessful is mainly due to poor eyesight, and, in a time where so many people are in need, there is nothing better than to minimize the difficulties some families go through, providing a better life for them”, he stated.

In addition to this support, the project "For A Better Life" has already allowed the offer of the system listens Buddy Scola, which allowed students of the Group of Schools Penalva do Castelo with hearing loss, to listen and understand, in great condition, what teachers are saying in class; the construction of a house for three orphaned children in Mozambique; the offer of a wheelchair for a girl with 17 year old, from High School Pedro Alexandrino, in Póvoa de Santo Adrião, who became paraplegic due to a car accident at age 15, and, the offer of a tripartite articulated electric bed, with elevation, to a 10 years old child, accompanied by the Nations Association Humanitarian Actions in Vila Nova de Gaia, who suffers from paralysis by spina bifida; all, thanks to the Luís Figo Foundation.

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