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LFF 2011 Christmas Circus

The Luís Figo Foundation, in a joint partnership with Circo Callas, organized, on the 15 of December, at the Tecnopólo in Funchal, a special afternoon for about a thousand children and youngers from social solidarity institutions and schools from the entire Island of Madeira who could, thusly, enjoying the magic that is the Circus of Christmas, in the company of Luís Figo.

Along with Luís Figo, the President of the Social Security Office of Madeira, and the athletes from Nacional da Madeira, who, together, were able to live the thrill of what was a very special afternoon which, once again, was the delight of all the children that watched all the acts provided by the Circus itself, like "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Artists From the 1900s", even though there was also time to applaud the more traditional, and always welcomed, lions, clowns, trapeze artists and jugglers.

The snacks were offered by Group Sá, and the Santa Claus' red hats from the Luís Figo Foundation were handed out to all those present by a team of voluntary workers, who insisted on supporting this initiative.

Sara Souto, the Head of the Foundation, stated: "It is a tremendous joy to be able to provide children from the Island of Madeira with such unique moments, which they would not be able to enjoy. The Foundation has been trying to bring their initiatives to the entire nation, and to be able to be here, in Funchal, helps us to that".

This show had a very special audience, made of children from several of Madeira's institutions, like Centro da Mãe, STEDI - Educational and Technical Service for the Intelectual Handicapped, Vilamar Institute, Zino Foundation, and other Community Centers and Occupational Centers from Madeira.

The Luís Figo Foundation's Christmas Circus has already brought joy to over 7.500 children since 2008 and is one of the many services the Foundation will provide in this holiday season, along with the already known National Christmas Present Give Away Campaign, which reaches thousands of children throughout the country every single year.

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