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The Luís Figo Foundation provides a Better Life

Luís Figo delivered a wheelchair to a young paraplegic child at Escola Secundária Pedro Alexandrino today, in Póvoa de Santo Adrião, for the Foundation's most recent project - "For a Better Life".
"For a Better Life" has the goal of supporting children and youngsters in a more "child to child" basis, and plants to contribute to the improvement of the life conditions of those who, because they are ill or handicapped, live limited lives.

The most recent offer from the Foundation, within this particular object, was a wheelchair given to a 17 year old paraplegic girl, who was the victim of a car accident. The request for help came to the Foundation through the teaching facility where she studied. For this initiative, we were also joined by spokespeople from the United Actions Association (Associação Acções unidas) and the Um Small Gesture (Um Pequeno Gesto) Association, which are a couple of names that already supported this project.

«We are very pleased to make this offering today. With this project, which started last year, we have made the commitment to give continuity to the work that we have been doing since the Foundation was created in 2003, which is to make more and more children and youngsters smile, people who, quite too often, have no reasons to smile», said Luís Figo.

The "For a Better Life" Project comes with the Hope axis which, along with the Health, Education and Sports axis, forms all the pillars of action for the Foundation.

The start of this project, of an "individual" nature, took place last year with the delivery of an electric, articulated, tripartite bed with elevation, to Marco António, a 10 year old who suffers from spina bifida.

This request came to our Foundation through the Associação Humanitária Acções Unidas, whose headquarters are in Vila Nova de Gaia, which has a plan of action for children who were abandoned or are in need or at risk.

Earlier this year, and with the partnership with Associação Um Pequeno Gesto, the Luís Figo Foundation (LFF) contributed to build a home for three orphaned children, Gércio and Anselmo, aged 9 (twins) and 16 year old Helena Cossa, 16, from the Nhancutse Program, in the village of Bungane, Mozambique. 

This support stems from the sponsorship started by the Foundation in 2010 and given to these children, which consists in financially supporting this "family", by providing them with access to education and school supplies, clothing and food.

More recently, the LFF gave these children a new "roof", by financing the construction of a new home, with all the proper conditions and equipment. More than just a roof, this home will give them protection, safety, hygiene and comfort.

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