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2009 Christmas Circus

The Luís Figo Foundation, along with Circo Vítor Hugo Cardinali, organized a special afternoon for around 2000 children and youngsters from over 30 social solidarity institutions and hospitals from the Great Lisbon area, on the 7 of December.

The Foundation's Christmas Circus was able to count on Luís Figo, but also other celebrities that couldn't help but joining such an initiative. For Luís Figo, "this is already a Christmas tradition for these children, which is precisely one of our goals; we wish to provide them with joyous moments, moments which they are not usually allowed to have".

The Cruz Vermelha Portuguesa, Fenacerci, Acreditar, the Movimento ao Serviço da Vida, APPT21/Diferenças, Ajuda de Mãe, Ajuda de Berço, APCL, ANDAI, APERCIM, APSA, Fundação o Século, Sta. Maria Hospital, were some of the entities present at Circo Cardinali, in an event that was one of the many initiatives the Luís Figo Foundation organized this Christmas.

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