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Children of the Heart

On October 22 2007, TVI broadcasted the report entitled "Infância Traficada - As Crianças Escravizadas no Lago Volta". This story, which is Alexandra Borges', talked about how children of 3 and 4 years of age were sold as human traffic, a lot of times by their own parents and for about 30€ each, so they would work as slaves at lake Volta, in Ghana, Africa. 

Alexandra Borges was deeply moved by this and contacted the Luís Figo Foundation to help this cause and present a project called "Touch a Life Kids", whose objective was to raise funds for rescuing these slaves.

Alexandra Borges and Luís Figo wrote a children's story about adoption called "Filhos do Coração", with the help of illustrator and painter Ana Cardoso, and the rights for this book would go to the American ONG "Touch a Life Kids", whose objective is to rescue and aid children who were sold as slaves to lake Volta.

This book was the first step for an initiative that will carry on through similar actions whose purpose is to raise funds to rescue these children. A CD was also put out, which is a compilation of several artists who feel connected with this cause. One of the tracks on this album is an original anthem by Tozé Brito.

Luís Figo, as a citizen and mentor of this Foundation, will stand alongside Alexandra Borges and a Project which, other than rescuing, intends to fight for the rights of the thousands of children at risk in lake Volta. To quote the reporter: "It's impossible to forget the deafening silence and the sad gaze in the eyes of these children who are slaves at lake Volta... If I can save at least one, all my effort has been worth it!".

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