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MARL – National Christmas Present Give Away Campaign

The Luís Figo Foundation was present today, on the 14 of December, at the MARL (Lisbon's Wholesale Market), putting into practice a symbolic action that was able to rely on Luís Figo who delivered, in person, some presents to children who were able to spend a very special afternoon with him!

Luís Figo was able to count on the help of Santa Claus and the volunteers from his Foundations, and was able to provide over 50 children with gifts at the MARL, children who came from several institutions from the Great Lisbon area, like the Portuguese Red Cross, The Holy House of Mercy (Santa Casa da Misericórdia), the APPT21/Diferenças and Escola EB1/JI from Alfragide, including toys, books, dolls and football balls. These children were thusly allowed to live moments of fun and joy, where they could go for face painting, balloon modeling, enjoy the traditional Christmas tree and a lot of music and entertainment.

To support this initiative, the Board of Directors' Present Rui Serôdio, from MARL, was present, along with the Councilwoman from the Loures City Hall, Sónia Paixão, as well as those responsible for all the institutions that were at the event.

Through this event, the Luís Figo Foundation marked the start of its National Christmas Present Give Away Campaign, which is organized every year. This year, over 4.000 presents will be given away to children from over 40 institutions, including social solidarity institutions, hospitals and schools throughout the country.

Sara Souto had this to say: "Christmas time is, in itself, special for the young ones. With this yearly initiative, which is always gratifying, we wish to give out more smiles and moments of joy to children and youngsters in situations that are quite difficult to endure.

Acreditar, CrescerSer, Associação Sol, Ajuda de Berço and APAV, among many other institutions, hospitals and schools, are some of the destinations covered by this National Christmas Present Give Away Campaign.
This Campaign is one of the several initiatives that the Luís Figo Foundation develops in support of the upbringing of children and youngsters, in areas such as health, education, sports and social actions.

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