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Luís Figo Foundation in Mozambique with "Um Pequeno Gesto" Association

Luís Figo Foundation , continuing support "Um Pequeno Gesto" Association, offered wheelbarrows to eighteen families Bungane, village of Mozambique .

Until then, the water transport of boreholes to the village was taken in hand, and the many kilometers that separate the village of boreholes made ??the arduous daily task. With the offer of Luis Figo Foundation, the transport of this essential commodity now done in a more agile and easy way for families of the village.

This offer came after Luis Figo Foundation have sponsored a family of orphans in the village of Bungane in Mozambique, having faced the reality of living conditions, not only sponsored the family, but all others, which sufficed them a hand made basket  for make the daily tasks more quickly and practical, to fetch water from boreholes situated kms from the village where they live.

With the sponsorship of "his " family, Luís Figo Foundation , provided its "nephews" access to what should be considered " basic" for a dignified life, food, ensuring food delivery, education, often school, clothing and minimum health and hygiene conditions, as a thatched house in masonry, giving these children more than a roof - gave them protection, safety, hygiene and comfort.

" Luís Figo Foundation continues to carry out its mission of improving the lives of disadvantaged children and young people even across borders, where also the reality of the absence of essential goods is common. It was with this "small gesture " that have transformed the lives of this family and now with this latest offering, we brought a little happiness to all of this village in the province of Nhancutse in Mozambique, "said Sara Souto, Director - General of Luís Figo Foundation.

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