"All children dream; but many can fulfill their dreams?"

One of the main fields of action put into work by the Luís Figo Foundation is organizing and carry out activities whose objective is to support children and young people who are ill, whether through subsidies or supporting institutions and investigation and treatment agencies, or through the creation of recreational activities, or even through actions for the distribution of food and supplies, and passing the word on preventive information's regarding health and nutrition.
Taking into consideration this field of work, the Foundation has, since 2003, been supporting several different causes and institutions that work for sick or disabled children, whether through financial support, or through support in terms of equipment that may increase their life quality and well-being.
Also, and because all children have the right to dream, the Luís Figo Foundation created Project Hope, giving this project not just a side that is dedicated to health, but also the more fun side of it, in order to be able to give life to children's dream, especially those who suffer from serious and terminal illnesses, and it is meant for those who come from poor families.
Through Project Hope, the Luís Figo Foundation doesn't mean to give visibility to the disabilities of children and youngsters; it does intend, as best is it can, to provide strength and magic to dreams and to the will to dream itself.

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