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FLF and Team Portugal

In April of 2004, the Luís Figo Foundation joined the Team Portugal project. This project is aimed at young Portuguese athletes with lots of talent who wish to have their names heard and known in international sports competitions.

The Team Portugal's mission is to create and consolidate means and processes of evolution from formative categories to professional ones, through a detection and programmed sponsorship that is structured and timely, aimed at young athletes who show a lot of potential. Team Portugal is, therefore, a kind of dome for activities that promote sports, prospecting and training talents, all of which are developed by the Luís Figo Foundation, mainly through the Luís Figo Cup and Luís Figo Academy projects.

Team Portugal's sponsorship program includes: Financing trips and accomodation, in the field of competitive programs; and implementing a training program in several areas that are complementary to training and competition, such as technical and theorical training in each modality, learning foreign languages, media training, P.R., and preparation and psychological help.
In its initial stages, Team Portugal saw its area of operation include two new modalities: Athletics and Tennis.

In 2004, the Luís Figo Foundation sponsored 9 professional athletes from 3 different categories. In Athletics, it sponsored Nélson Évora, Naide Gomes and Luís Sá. In Auto racing, it sponsored Álvaro Parente, João Urbano and Duarte Félix da Costa. And in Tennis, the LFF sponsored Frederico Gil, Leonardo Tavares and Magali de Lattre.

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