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The Luís Figo Foundation awards evolution and success at school

The LFF, covered by the protocol they were able to celebrate with the Board of Education, through the Priority Intervention Educational Territories (TEIP program), implemented its pilot-project at the Bela Vista school in Setúbal in the school year of 2010-2011, having gotten tremendous impact in terms of results.

At the first day of school, in September of 2010, with the presence of Luís Figo, they gave away sporting equipment for Physical Education to a total of around 330 new 5th graders at that school. Out of this equipment, you would be able to find backpacks, track suits, t-shirts and tennis shoes.

"This support by the Foundation has the goal of helping children and youngsters at risk to stay away from social exclusion and also at school, by practicing physical education and thus fighting abandonment and poor school performances. We want to increase motivation within these students and help them overcome the difficulties they live in, by also preventing indiscipline and violence", said Luís Figo.

On the 4 of April of this year, the LFF went back to the school of Bela Vista, for a very joyous and surprising morning for all the students.

Luís Figo announced a very special award for 5th graders at that school. His foundation would offer 24 students, the ones with the best grades, behavior, attendance and evolution, a week at a Summer Camp, "Campo Jovem", in Tomar.

With the participation of Luís Figo and some students, in a group dynamic, some of that camp's activities were demonstrated.

«This is yet another one of the initiatives we have been creating with the goal of fighting school abandonment and poor grades amongst young people», said Luís Figo. «We also want to help promoting moments of joy and togetherness to young people who live in a more unfavorable socioeconomic environment».

After the school year was over and done with, and their mission was complete, it was time for their reward.

In the morning of the 27 of June, the group made of 24 students and two teachers, departed (on a bus that was granted by the S. Sebastião Hall), for an entire week at Summer Camp - Campo Jovem. Lots of emotion, some anxiety, and plenty of joy!

It was an intense week, with a lot of activities, and also leisure.

It was a new experience that will certainly be in these children's memory forever.

The message was received and the goals were met. With dedication, hard work and commitment, results will tell their own story.

To win by learning!

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