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Unbeatable Duo

Luís Figo & Sara Souto (in Semanário Económico)

Word after word, they discover common intentions. "We both like doing something for others, and we have the availability to do so, so we believe that it is possible". A common friend introduced them. The invitation to be the Head of the Luís Figo Foundation seemed interesting to her.

As the head of the foundation, Sara Souto is responsible for planning, organizing and controlling the Foundation's projects; by looking for partners; by managing the Foundation's natural and financial resources and what it stands for. As for Luís Figo, the president of the institution, he follows every activity (despite the miles between him and the Foundation itself), and goes to Lisbon whenever necessary. "His is always the final word... and quite often his word is always the first!", Sara Souto tells us. Figo suggests initiatives and projects, the present and the future.

From all the initiatives put to work by the Foundation, the AllStars Game, the next match being on the 13 of June in Geneva, Switzerland, is the one that raises the most funds, and is probably the one that is most well divulged. But the Institution's resumé goes as far as projects like the Luís Figo Cup (School Sports), UNICEF, The Ronald McDonald House, and Filhos do Coração (Gana). Nowadays, they are partners with "Earthwater" - mineral bottled water that is environmental and socially responsible. Part of the revenue will go to a goal set by the brand itself: to raise five million dollars before 2013, which they will donate to the United Nations' High Commissioner for Refugees. The comic book "Luís Figo and the world cup against tuberculosis", where the main character helps prevent the disease and wishes to eradicate it -- which can count on the support from the WHO -- will be edited. Also, the Casa das Cores, a temporary shelter for children in need, victims of abuse and/or negligence, will be rebuilt. Alongside these initiatives, there is also a campaign for gift giving in hospitals, schools and social solidarity institutions, and hikes on Children's Day and Christmas. 

Sara Souto is 41 and has a degree in Management, which she got at Universidade Católica. She collects professional experience through projects connected to marketing, communications and management in lectures at the INP - Instituto de Novas Profissões and the ISCEM - Instituto Superior de Comunicação Empresarial. Since May of 2008, she leads the Luís Figo Foundation alongside teaching in college. 

As for Figo, no introductions are necessary. "The Foundation wishes to boost happiness amongst so many kids who need support and a helping hand. As a public figure who is able to help, I cannot be indifferent to some of the injustices that should be fought", he adds. The mission has been accomplished little by little, to which his presence is reason enough to be happy, for many children.

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