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Luís Figo accompanies oral screenings in one more action of its Foundation.

On October 18, 2013 , Luis Figo was in ATL Galicia , Estoril , under the support provided by his Foundation to Project Entrajuda, "Dr. Risadas ".

Luís Figo followed the screenings made to the tens of children present.

"Dr. Risadas " is the latest supported project by Luís Figo Foundation , promoted by Entrajuda and operated by " World Smile " Association, which focuses primarily on the prevention and dental treatment, essential for the proper development and healthy growth of children.

Since April 2013 it has the financial support of Luís Figo Foundation and approximately 3400 children will be screened in Private Institutions of Social Solidarity (IPSS) from north to south, to whom Luis Figo Foundation also offers toothpastes and toothbrushes.
These children who are made aware to the need for teeth and mouth care will also be supported continuously through semiannual routine consultations and when necessary , referral for dental treatment .

«The mouth and teeth health care Its essential for children to adopt hygienic habits from an early age . Luís Figo Foundation supports this project because we know that many children, unfortunately for their socio-economic status, don’t have access to and also sometimes are unaware of the importance of oral health of their present and future welfare. ' refers Luís Figo.

The awareness and learning for oral health as a child are paramount , because by adopting hygiene habits from an early age , ensures the health of the mouth and teeth and avoids not only the development of pathologies as well as social exclusion , which can later generate restrictions in the working world.

«Fighting poverty and promoting social inclusion goes by several factors among which the creation of health habits and oral hygiene. Children who learn to care for themselves teeth, are more likely to have better educational outcome, they can assure a brighter future . Dr Risadas project has precisely this purpose and with the support of Luis Figo Foundation it was possible to extended to over children 3400 . So they can stop being ' stressed Isabel Jonet , president of ENTRAJUDA.

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