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Luís Figo visits Jordan

Luís Figo, the Ambassador of Good Will against Tuberculosis, and Jorge Sampaio, from the UN and sent in the name of Fighting TB, will pay a visit to Jordan today and tomorrow, for the STOP TB Partnership initiative from the WHO.

This initiative intends to raise awareness, amongst children and young people, to the dangers of this virus, and also to spread the word about the success the project had in this country, where the rate at which the disease hits is amongst the lowest in the Middle East. This became so significant that the eradication policies for this disease in Jordan are now an example for nearby countries.

Luís Figo and Jorge Sampaio will visit an SOS Village and the Mafraq MDR-TB Hospital. This visit will enable the opportunity to get to know the local reality and to raise awareness amongst the population for the comic book «Luís Figo and the World Tuberculosis Team». Edited with the help of FUNDAÇÃO LUÍS FIGO, this book, in which Figo is the main character, he gives out tips and advice on preventing tuberculosis.

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