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2011 Water Safety Campaign alongside the Luís Figo Foundation

With the support of the LFF and the High Commissioner of Health, the APSI begins their Summer Water Safety Campaign "Drowning is a Quick and Silent Death", for its nineth year in a row.

The APSI, the Association for the Promotion of Child Safety, presented, at a press conference, all the data regarding child drowning in 2010, and the stats for the last nine years.

In the last nine years, it is estimated that over 180 children and teenagers up to the age of 18 died by drowning. For every child that dies, one to two are admitted. It is estimated that at least 52 children are victims of drowning each year (deaths and internments).

It is known today that over 80% of drowning cases can be prevented and that no prevention strategy is enough, by itself, to avoid this kind of accident and minimize its consequences.

Luís Figo underlined the fact that "this year, this Campaign wants to keep an eye out for children with special needs in a more serious way", because he considers that, in this particular case, "further surveillance is required". Luís Figo believes that this initiative will be a success. "It is necessary to add more efforts to preventing these cases so that no more lives will be lost", he added.

Sandra Nascimento, president of APSI, considers that "although there are positive signs that reflect an awareness for the seriousness of this public health problem amongst children and teenagers, there are still gaps in Portugal. This country needs to keep working at so many levels if they want to change the drowning panorama and reduce its impact in children's lives and their families in Portugal".

This campaign is yet another example of good deeds that have been put into practice by the Association.

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