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Luís Figo Foundation offers Summer camp vacations to students from the school of Bela Vista

The Luís Figo Foundation (LFF) went back to the Bela Vista school yesterday, in Setúbal, for a very busy morning, with joy and special surprises for the students.

Luís Figo gave out a very special award for 5th graders. His Foundation offered 24 students with the best attendance, behavior and grades, a week at "Campo Jovem", a Summer camp.

With the participation of Luís Figo himself and some students, in a group dynamic, some of the activities were discussed, and the Summer camp trip will take place during Summer break.

«This is yet another of the initiatives we've been putting into practice with the goal of fighting school abandonment and poor grades», said Luís Figo. «We want to help promote moments of joy and leisure for young people who are living in a less than favorable socio-economic environment.»

This action falls within the support given by the LFF to schools in the Priority Intervention Educational Territories, (TEIP program) from the Board of Education. In September of 2010, at this very school, the LFL handed out sports equipment for physical education to the school's 330 new students, out of all 5th grade classes.

«We wish to encourage the practice of sports, as a contribution for the improvement of their quality of life», explains Sara Souto. «We hope that this project will motivate young people to stay in school, because, as things are now, staying in school is fundamental for the improvement of this generation's future», she added.

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