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AllStars 04 - Algarve

In its second edition, on July 12, 2004, the Allstars game was performed for the 1st time at the Algarve Stadium (Faro-Loule). Face to face, two teams full of Stars meet again to put the magic of soccer at the service of humanitarian strategies held by Luís Figo Foundation and by Laureus Sports for Good Foundation.

The Laureus Sports for Good Foundation works internationally and develops 39 projects around the world, through sport, trying to overcome social problems like poverty, homelessness, war, violence, use of drugs, discrimination and AIDS.
To this game watched 25 000 spectators and resulted in a huge success, proving the capacity of mobilization of sport and its personalities, as well the receptivity of the audience for their social causes.

The international repercussions of the game was outstanding, having been transmitted on more than 20 television stations, with summaries and highlights reaching to more than 200 countries around the world.

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