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Luís Figo support expedition towards the World Cup

Luís Figo Luís Figo as President of the Foundation , is the Godfather of the Expedition FlyTAP , recognized Portuguese sailor Ricardo Diniz .

Towards the World Cup 2014, in Brazil , Ricardo Diniz left Lisbon on April 27 , to sailing , the lone crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.

As a traveling companion , which should last about 40 to 45 days, the kitten “Victoria" !

With this great mission and Adventure , Ricardo Diniz , aims to bring a message of strength , determination, perseverance and national pride , handing to the captain of the Portuguese national team, on the eve of the 1st game of the World Cup , the flag of all of us!

The world's eyes will be focused on Brazil and this trip is also a great tribute to sailors who crossed oceans , and this is only possible because also sailing , 514 years ago , a Portuguese navigator united these two continents .

Luís Figo sent a message to Ricardo Diniz at start time ... " It is a great pleasure to be the Godfather of this expedition and wish you lots of luck! This trip is undoubtedly an unconditional statement of being Portuguese and thus also give a great tribute to the National Team . I leave you a hug and success in this brave expedition . "

Luís Figo Foundation also wished all the best to Ricardo and promise to accompany her on this journey towards the Brazil.

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