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Luís Figo Foundation rewards students with a Summer University, in Coimbra where "To a better 2014" project " takes its first steps.

At July 23, 2012, 30 of the 150 students from the TEIP Program - Educational Territories of Priority Intervention, attending the Professional Course Management Support Sport, began to experience a week in the Summer University at the University of Coimbra, where they took part of the university environment and spirit. This initiative, funded by Luis Figo Foundation, was part of the "For a Better 2014" project, which aims to increase the level of student motivation for studies, preventing school failure and dropout.

These students were housed in a college residence and were greeted with a dinner that included the presence of the rector of the University of Coimbra. The program also included an outdoor concert, a peddy paper, performance of university “tunas” and traditional serenade. Alongside these activities, the students also had a program of activities related to sport climbing and skating workshops, aerobics and several conferences on the subject.

This was the first stage of this project, promoted by Luis Figo Foundation, whose goal is to create conditions to promote school attendance to university, following students who finished now the tenth year of schooling, entered into this program until 2014, giving scholarships to the best students, so they can attend higher education, funding their tuition.

Students awarded by Luis Figo Foundation, were those who were distinguished by their level of excellence throughout the school year, as well as, for their effort and progress.
Sara Souto, Manager Director of the Foundation, visiting the Summer University, said: "We want this project to motivate these students and lay the groundwork for the adults become more complete, either in human or in the professional aspect, showing them that with dedication and commitment, the university may be possible for everyone."

The project "For a Better 2014" falls within the protocol signed in 2007 between Luis Figo Foundation and the Ministry of Education to support the Educational Territories of Priority Intervention - TEIP.

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Testimony of the teachers who accompanied the students, awarded by the LFF "For A Better 2014" project, at the Summer University in Coimbra:

The Teachers from the Professional Course in Technical Support Sports Management, pertaining to schools TEIP, followed the activity of their students in the Summer University in Coimbra, prize awarded by the Luís Figo Foundation, and were unanimous in their opinion that this initiative could not be more timely and welcome addition to improving the educational success of the course that students attend. In the opinion of the teachers, "the majority of students enrolled in this course have no real idea of ??the scope of sport while training area and their socio-economic background reveals itself as a disadvantage as the perception of this reality, the need to study, the effort and above all, the possibility of further study.”

Experience of their students at the university summer was seen as" a unique opportunity for students out of their residential area, to try several sports activities in different contexts, group activities, games and cultural where the glimpse of academic life increased their appetite to try to get further studies. The team spirit was amazing and longing anticipated at the end of the week, was stamped on the face of each. Teachers stated that" students awarded by Luís Figo Foundation were visibly motivated to study and, if at the time they were nominated to receive the award had been an example to their colleagues, they are  now surely the testimony that is worth studying. And ... maybe even pursue their studies, trying to get a better life! "

Teachers, Inês Faria, Sandra Santos, Cirilo Marinho, Jorge Dias e Sofia Canossa


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