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Luís Figo Foundation supports 50 children with special educational needs.

Luis Figo Foundation (LFF) signed a protocol with the EMDIIP (Team Mobile for help Child Development and Early Intervention) for 50 children to have a continuous monitoring of therapeutic professionals in this organization at no cost to their families. This "Luís Figo Foundation Social scholarship" provides to these children with special needs, the possibility to have access to physical therapy, psychology, motor rehabilitation, among others.
To mark the creation of this "Social Scholarship", Luís Figo Foundation was at EB1/JI School of Casal de Cambra, belonging to the Group of Schools “Professor Agostinho da Silva”, so that Luís Figo can follow the performance of therapists in their sessions with children. This visit served to show closely to the President of the Foundation, Luís Figo, the real work, developed by EMDIIP, every week, where it was possible to observe children in different classrooms at this school, that exist to perform the therapy sessions, such as room multiple disabilities, room for Structured Teaching Autistic children and specific intervention in the room of multi-sensory stimulation - Snoezelen room, a room innovator in Portugal, which aims to sensory stimulation and decreased levels of anxiety and stress.
Sara Souto, Manager Director of the Foundation, said: "These families with children with special needs who are ultimately feeling even more the current economic climate, unfavorable to everyone. This "Social scholarship", developed and supported by the Luis Figo Foundation, ensures that therapists of EMDIIP can reach those who need continued therapy and that, for financial reasons, were not receiving it".

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