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Luís Figo Foundation hands out sports equipment’s

The Luís Figo Foundation was at the School of Bela Vista, in Setúbal, on their first day of class (September 13), to hand out sports equipment’s for physical education for around 330 5th grade students. These included a backpack, a track suit, t-shirts and shoes.

With the presence of Luís Figo and a team of volunteers, this action falls within the support the LFF has been giving to schools that are part of the TEIP program - Priority Intervention Educational Territories, from the Board of Education.

"This support from the Foundation has the goal of helping children and young people at risk to be able to attend physical education and thus fight school abandonment and failure" said Sara Souto. "We want to increase their motivation and help them overcome their difficulties, and at the same time prevent poor discipline and violence", she added.

This group of Escolas de Santiago in Setúbal consists of 8 teaching establishments, Escola EB 2,3/S - Escola da Bela Vista and 7 Primary Schools with kindergarten. The Escola da Bela Vista was chosen by the LFF to be the first to enjoy this give away, because they are, as a general rule, socio-economically disadvantaged.

"This school is at a neighborhood located in the neighboring zone of a great urban center (Setúbal), which shelters families who live in shacks and barracks, refugees from Portuguese former colonies, other immigrants and gypsy communities in an area that spawns many cultural incompatibilities, which stem from the coexistence of several social groups with different interests and cultures who interact in a common territorial space", Sara Souto explained.

The team of volunteers who accompanied the LFF was made from "freshmen" from the Universidade Católica Portuguese who saw their traditional "praxes" be replaced by "solidarity praxes".

Through this partnership with the Board of Education, the LFF has the goal of helping over 10.000 students in Portuguese schools, so that they can help create conditions for support in the education of all these students.

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