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Lucky Seven Trophy Tournament

The Lucky Seven Trophy took place at the Estádio Universitário de Lisboa, on the 15 of October 2008, and counted on the presence of Luís Figo. With a partnership with the famous watch company IWC, this tournament had such participants as Pastilhas Club (Figo's very first team), Casa Pia and the schools of former players Hélder Cristóvão, Ricardo Sá Pinto, Carlos Xavier and Rui Águas.

The tournament's winning team was Hélder Cristóvão's school, which beat Pastilhas by 3 to 2 at the final. Meanwhile, as a gesture of solidarity, the Hélder Cristóvão school gave their prize to the teams that were in most need, Casa Pia and Pastilhas, who received sports supplies so that they could carry on coaching children in the best of conditions.

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