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Luís Figo Foundation and Entrajuda - "Ready for School"

Since the month of October 2009, the LFF has been sponsoring Entrajuda, an institution whose goal is to allow social solidarity institutions to improve on the services they provide to those in need.

In the area of health, Entrajuda has been developing a set of products in several specialties that involve doctors who, on a volunteer basis, make themselves available to follow patients in need and in a continuous fashion for a pre-established period of time.

ENTRAJUDA thus created the "A postos para a escola" project, which was born from a context of necessity and consists of 3 fundamental screenings amongst 5 year olds who go to pre-school: they will have their eyes, ears and teeth checked. 

The LFF supports this project, and contributes in a permanent way to the goal of improving the lives of these children.

The screenings are made in social solidarity institutions (sponsored by the Lisbon Food Bank and/or Entrajuda) in Lisbon, so that they can help children in primary school with disabilities concerning poor eyesight or hearing, and preventing poor oral hygiene.

A van with all the right equipment is put to use and the screenings are made by 2 health professionals (Medicine/Nursing, Dental Care), who will travel all of IPSS and diagnose children, which, in case they need to, will be forward to specialized physicians. The results from all three screenings will be recorded in an individual file for each child, which will then be sent to their parents.

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