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"Semana do Triatlo (Triathlon Week)" - World Triathlon Cup and the Luís Figo Foundation

The Luís Figo Foundation joined the "Triathlon Week" event, part of the Lisbon BG Triathlon World Cup 2007, which took place between the 2 and the 6 of May 2007.

The Luís Figo Foundation was part of two of the activities that promoted this event, in a week of activities strictly connected to the World Cup.

The first one was a "road-show" throughout the poorest Primary Schools in the Great Lisbon area and Vale do Tejo, and it took place throughout the month prior to the World Cup.

The second activity was a sports journey called "Duatlo Kids" where knock-out stages were played for the Duatlo Juvenil event which took place on the 4 of May, at Parque das Nações. On this special day, the athletes who qualified joined other children with Down's Syndrome, thus using sports as a tool for social inclusion and civic education.

This initiative provided a chance to practice living healthy, mutual help, and fair play.

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