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Luís Figo in an interview with Revista Visão

We reached the headquarters of the Luís Figo Foundation -- a few penthouses in downtown Lisbon -- ten minutes before scheduled. We caught the former football player, now 38 years old, at a meeting with the institution's general manager, an institution that was created in March of 2003 and supports social causes involving children.

Figo, in an elegant dark suit, got up immediately, smiled widely and welcomed us. During the interview (whose topic was building a temporary shelter center for refugee children, which the foundation is helping with 80.000€), he changes his expression from a smile to a focused look, which becomes serious when it's time to talk about the connection with BPN and the consequences of the financial crisis. He never speaks in the third person, as many football players to. He uses "us" instead, every time he mentions his foundation. After all, he said, he's played as a team his whole life.

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