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Luís Figo foundation contributes “for a better 2014”

On the 9th of April 2013, Luís Figo Foundation (LFF) visited the Escola Secundária Inês de Castro, at Vila Nova de Gaia, and took another step promoting its “For a Better 2014” Project.

These Project aims to increase the level of student motivation for studies, preventing school failure and dropout. Within this Project, the LFF has put several different initiatives into place since 2011, when 130 teenagers started 10th grade of the professional Course in Sports Management Support, from schools that are part of the Educational Territories of Priority Intervention Program (TEIP), from the Ministry of Education and Science – and will continue sponsoring them until they graduate from college.

The initiative counted with the presence of Luis Figo which, among the representatives from the Ministry of Education and from School Boards involved in this project, spoke to the all the 130’s students.
In this particular session, the LFF’s Manager Director, Sara Souto, not only presented this long term sponsorship program, but also reminded everyone of what’s been done so far, as well as what´s left to do, the road these teenagers still have ahead of them…
The job prospects for the future where also explained to all of them.

After these explanations several groups of students put into practice several sports exhibitions and Luis Figo himself participated in a group activity at the golf course.

“We are here today to continue the sponsorship we’ve been granting to these students, to inform and motivate them to keep studying, so that they can make great things with their careers. We believe they can do it, and we want to help them to achieve the college”, Luís Figo explained.

Luis Figo Foundation will provide scholarships to the best students of each class, financing the college students’ tuitions completely. Besides this, LFF wants to motivate these students by awarding the best students at the end of each school year, regarding their school performance, progress and effort, following the regulation written and agreed by the Ministry of Education and Science and LFF.

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