The Luís Figo Foundation is committed to protect the safety of the users' personal information. If applicable, information may be solicited to help identify the user in person (Personal Data) or to allow us to contact you in order to supply a service or execute a transaction that he or she had previously solicited, such as e-mail newsltters, services or purchasing, transferring and/or registerd products belonging to the Luís Figo Foundation.

The only information that may be requested as personal data are ID related, such as names or contact info. If you purchase goods and/or services from the Luís Figo Foundation through this website, you are automatically allowing us to gather your information for billing purposes. We will keep a record of all transactions, which can be accessed by the customer. In case you do not purchase any product from our system, no information will be kept, except if it is submitted voluntarily, such as subscribing to our newsletter. By supplying Personal Information to the Luís Figo Foundation, the foundation may keep and use your information, now and in the future, for marketing purposes, market research, data about sales, as well as to get in touch with you.

Unless otherwise the Luís Figo Foundation may not provide your information to others. This website also contains links to other websites. The Luís Figo Foundation cannot be held accountable by their Privacy Polices.

We advise our users to read the Privacy Policy, and, in case they do not agree, they should cease their visit to the website.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Luís Figo Foundation reserves the right to alter, at any moment, the Privacy Policy. These changes will be published on this very page so that users can always know what kind of information we gather, as well as the information we use and in what circumstances. We ask you to periodically go over this privacy statement so that you may remain informed on how to help and protect the personal information that we gather. The continued use of this service constitutes an acceptance of the terms within this privacy statement and any updates.

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