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Luís Figo

Sports and Football are, nowadays, and more and more, a thing of Passion.

As a behavioral phenomenon, Football gets you on the edge of your seat, makes you react, jump, laugh, cry, and scream equally throughout the World, from today's modern cities of the West to Australia and the Pacific, or some remote village in Central Asia or the deepest fathoms of Africa. All of this happens regardless of how old you may be, your language, the color of your skin, your social status or religious beliefs.

Football, which is Passion, thus becomes a language in itself, and probably one of the most powerful languages in the world. And it is those essential features - Passion and Universal Language - that give it the strength and the ability to move people that it possesses today, and that it is known to have.

To be able to place that strength and ability to move people and wills, at the service of the show and of an legitimate economy of its own, but also to do it with a social purpose, with a size and an ability to reach that are equally universal, today's Football has tremendous potential, and so do those who play their part to make it so, that is to say, the managers, coaches, and above all, as professional Football players, our very own.

It is by having that in mind that I, Luís Figo, through the Luís Figo Foundation, created in 2003, of which I am the chairman, have been focusing my efforts, energy and resources on Social Intervention Projects, at the center of which you will find our youth, which clearly represent the best this World has to give us, and, at the same time, those who are most in need, Worldwide.

Part of this Foundation are also Institutions, friends, sponsors and contributors who, like myself, share this vision for the role of Football, its universal strength, and its tremendous responsibility, which should and must be generously and unselfishly employed at the service of causes that are as dignant and, at the same time, so obvious, such as aiding children.

To all of you, fans and supporters of Football, or mere citizens who are aware of their civic duties, I leave my invitation, in the name of the Luís Figo Foundation, to join us, to get to know our work and let yourselves be driven by the Passion of Football, and the fulfilling feeling of having Solidarity towards all the children of the World.

To all of you, my most heartfelt Thank You!

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