The Luís Figo Foundation, whose head office can be found in Lisbon, was founded by means of public deed on the 13 of March 2003, at Lisbon's 5th Notary as a Legal Individual of Private Law, as non-profit organization, able to create Delegations or other forms of representation here or abroad. 

The formation of the Luís Figo Foundation allows Luís Figo's career-long social responsibility attitude of aiding his fellow man to become more emphatic, underlining his concern with helping relevant causes in Portugal and beyond.

Since March of 2003, the Luís Figo Foundation has been developing a relevant body of work in the field of social intervention, with the intention to reach the objectives that are the genesis for its creations, and are part of its statutes.

While acting in cooperation with Government Agencies, Private Companies and Civil Society Organizations, the Luís Figo Foundation has been promoting and developing a set of projects that cover, in different ways, the areas of Sports, Education, Health and Social Action.

At the same time, the Luís Figo Foundation has been creating major media and international events, made to raise money to finance its projects and to support other projects that are also socially relevant.

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